“We just wanted to express our deepest appreciation and gratitude for the amazing work that was done on our home by you and all those you employ. After getting a referral from a friend, we immediately called and summoned your expertise. We had consulted with other contractors but from the get go had no lasting impression and they didn’t seem interested. And there was you Jay. You came, gave us ideas, and from the first meeting seemed so easy to work with and committed to what you do. I can’t say enough, having a kitchen torn up is never easy to deal with. But with about 2 weeks, we survived. You made it easy. We heard stories of contractors not showing up, not completing the work, etc. This was our first experience, and we are thankful it was so wonderful. You and all your subs were always on time and got the work done. And there were no periods of things not getting done. It was amazing. My kids enjoyed all the workers here too, very kind, patient and committed to what they’re doing. You have a talent at what you do, and your pride shows in your work. I was amazed at how serious you took things and it just shows in your craftsmanship. The addition to the room upstairs was a breeze as well, always cleaned up at the end of the day, so there was no horrendous mess that we had to deal with. I know that when someone asks me for a referral for a builder/contractor, your name comes up, and we are committed to passing the work on to you because nowadays it’s hard to find dedicated and responsible people like you.

Thanks again, we are truly enjoying our new kitchen and rec. room!!!!”

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